Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's thoughts on Sunday

Sunday morning - 2 points

1. Life should be lived wide open - all in and all out for God. God doesn't want half-hearted service. He doesn't want some of my time or part of my attention. He wants whatever I do to be done for Him.

God put me here

to live my life FOR HIM and

to touch the lives of others FOR HIM.

I am changed when I become a part of what God is doing. As I turn more and more of my life over to him, God molds me and prunes me. I am so not the person I was ten years ago. And I know that God is not finish with me yet. I still got a lot of changing to do.

2. Life should be lived with a positive expectation. There are going to be bumps and trials and tests in this earthly life. There are going to be hard times and sad times and bad times. But our hope is on God's promise that this life is not the end. God promises a full life forever.

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