Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Tabernacle and A Temple

Today's L3 reading - Exodus 26-27, Acts 14

The book of Exodus contains very detailed instructions for the construction of God's tabernacle.  This was a grand tent that the people would take with them as they traveled towards the promise land.  It was to be a place to bring sacrifices and to meet with God. 

God knew exactly how He wanted this temple to look.  From the design for the ten panels of tapestry to the curtain hooks to the bronze utensils for the altar, no detail was too small or too minor for God to notice.  And God provided skilled craftsmen to build it for Him. 

Have you noticed that there is still a God-designed, God-crafted temple here today?

"You realize, don't you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is present in you?" (2 Corinthians 3:16, MSG)

I am a temple of God.  And just a God had a very detailed plan for the tabernacle, He also has a plan for how He wants me to be.  God wants to remake my life from one that is me-centered to one that is God-centered.  No detail is too small for Him - He wants to be a part of ALL my life.

I have the potential to be a beautiful temple.  I just need to get out of His way and allow Him to work in me and thru me.  It's hard work sometimes - there is sin in my life that must be removed.  And too often I get distracted or impatient and start trying to fix things myself.

I'm so glad God is patient with me.  Help me, Lord, to remember that I am a temple and that you are always with me.

Monday, February 6, 2012

We'll obey. (Won't we?)

Reading Exodus 24-25 and Acts 13 tonight. 

Exodus 24:7 - Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read it as the people listened.  They said, "Everything God said, we'll do.  Yes, we'll obey."  (Message)

The people referred to here had been brought out of Egypt by God.  They had seen God part the Red Sea so that they could cross on dry land.  God provided them with manna to eat and had brought forth water from a rock so they could drink.  These people had seen and heard God descending to the peak of Mount Sinai.  God had been up close, very real, and personal with them.  Each person had been touched by God.

I look at these Israelites, newly freed from slavery in Egypt, and I hear them declaring to God their intention to obey and follow him.  I think if ever there was a group of people who would be obedient to God, it would surely be this generation, this new nation.  God was taking care them - providing for their needs. 

I've read Exodus before and I know that thier obedience doesn't even last two months.  I want to ask them Why??  How could they turn their backs on God??  And then I realize something.

How many Sundays have I stood in worship to God promising to praise him with all my life only to forget that promise as I drive away from church?  How often have I prayed to God asking Him to light my way only to attempt to make my own way? 

God has been up close, very real and person with me.  He has rescued me from bondage and given me freedom.  Why do I still find myself walking my own way instead of continuing to follow His guidance?  I'm no better than those ancient Israelites. 

Lord, forgive me.  Have patience with me and keep molding me into your image.  Help me to remember my promise of obedience as you lead me to the promised land.  Amen.