Wednesday, February 13, 2013

God Holds Me

Had to write a personal Psalm for the Reclaim group I'm co-leading at Pinelake. 
This was my first attempt.  It isn't bad, but it doesn't really seem like a psalm to me.

I hid in shame
Closed off in despair
Not realizing
That God,
You held hope.

I lived with sadness
Crying for an end
Not caring
That God,
You held my life

My days were filled with darkness
All alone with guilty thoughts
Until the day you showed me
That God,
You held my light.

I set out on a new path
It has been a rocky journey
I know each time I stumbled
That God,
You held my hand

I know I’ve been forgiven
And brought into the light.
My debt has now been paid
And God,
You hold my heart


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