Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gifted for Leadership: Going Through the Motions

Gifted for Leadership: Going Through the Motions

This is what grabbed me...
So if you are thinking of doing something radical, slow down and take some time to ponder it. If you tend toward impulsive behavior, step back. God is not in a hurry.

If, however, you are not impulsive but the slow and steady type, this challenge is for you. If you are reading this article, you most likely are involved with ministry of some kind. Have you taken the time to make sure that’s what you are really supposed to be doing, or are you just going through the motions because it is the secure, safe thing to do?

If you love what you are doing, find great fulfillment in it, and are using your gifts, you are most likely exactly where you should be. Rejoice in that and renew the calling you first had.

But if you are feeling a bit restless and have lost your passion, perhaps God is trying to get your attention to lead you in another direction. Take time to listen. If he begins to nudge you in those times of listening, begin testing the idea. Present it to those who love you and know you best to get their opinions. If wise people affirm you, begin to find out what your options are. And even if it’s scary, take the first step in obedience. Because being where you are called to be is the most secure place in the universe.

I haven't lost my passion, but I do feel a bit restless.  I've been in that spot where I knew, totally knew, that I was being exactly what God wanted me to be.  And now - that has changed - and I'm no longer sure.

So I've taken a step in obedience and I'm doing some things which I believe God is using to prepare me for ___???___.    I don't know what the ??? is going to be.  So I'm stepping in blind faith, putting time, money and energy into something.  I'm waiting to see what He will do with it all. 

Hi God!  It's me.  I'm listening.  Looking forward to discovering where You are leading.


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