Sunday, October 30, 2016

Stray Cat Lesson

So I have this stray cat that showed up at my house a few months ago.  It’s a cute cat with shiny black fur and huge eyes.  I’m a good person and I have compassion towards the poor homeless cat.  I start putting out a bit of food, then a bowl of water, and I fix a place for Cat to sleep.

Cat mostly ignores me. I’ll walk outside and see Cat.  “Hi Cat!”, I say.  Cat stops, looks at me, meows, and then continues on with whatever it is Cat does during the day.  I find myself thinking about how to help Cat when the weather gets cold.  Cat continues to mostly ignore me.

Until today.  Today, I saw Cat and spoke as usual.  Cat stopped, looked, and then actually walked right up to me!!  I bent down and began petting Cat which he/she totally loved.  So I found myself sitting in my garage while a loudly purring Cat enjoyed a few moments of total feline bliss in the form of head scratches and back rubs.

I explain to Cat that I’ve been trying to take care of him/her.  I’ve provided food and shelter and other things a cat needs.  Cat (I said), if you wouldn’t always walk away from me, I would scratch your head and love on you more often.

And then I realized something…

Isn’t it fascinating how we are given life lessons through the simplest of interactions?

Because what I was explaining to Cat, is what God tries to explain to us.

How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!  (Matthew 23:37)

God loves us and He is full of compassion towards us.  God provides for our needs, even when we mostly ignore Him.  But, oh, can you imagine how much God desires for us to stop and walk towards Him? 

Have you done that?  Have you taken time to stop whatever it is you do and just go to God?  Do you let Him love you?  Have you experienced the bliss that comes from spending time in the Father’s presence?

Often, I have found myself like Cat – too caught up in my own thing to notice the One who is providing for me.  I didn’t expect to learn a lesson from Cat, but I’m sure glad I did.

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