Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflections from John

 I read the gospel of John over the last two days.  I am so use to reading scripture by the chapters, usually a chapter or two per day.  But this week's assigned reading for a class I'm taking was The Gospel of John - all of it.  Thought I would share some of my reflections on the big picture reading of John.

Jesus spends a lot of time in John explaining who He is.  He is the Word, the Light, the Way.  He is one with the Father and I Am.  John emphasizes that Jesus and God are One.  To know Jesus is to know God.

I have been many of the people John wrote about.  I’ve been the woman at the well trying to hide her shameful past, a life gone wrong with no idea of how to fix things.  And then I too met Jesus.  I’ve been the blind beggar living in darkness, reaching out the best I could, hoping that someone would help me.  And then I too met Jesus.  And Jesus changed everything.  

He who comes from above is above all (John 3:31).  There is nothing outside the sovereignty of Jesus.  There is no problem, no situation, no thought, no struggle that He cannot walk into.  If I will trust Him, He will walk with me and will be a light in the darkness.  He gives me life.

The fields are white for harvest (John 4:35).  Jesus gives us a job.  He gives me purpose.  There is work to be done.  He sets an example by talking with the Samaritan women.  A good Jewish male would never have spoken to an unmarried Samaritan women who was living in sin.  Jesus broke several cultural rules by sitting down alone with her and engaging her in a conversation which led to her spreading the news that the Messiah had arrived.  One thing I love about recovery ministry is the opportunity to speak into the lives of those who don't fit it and those who continue to live with the mistakes of their past.   

I love the imagery of sheep in the gospels.  Jesus, the good shepherd, calls and the sheep hear his voice.  I am praying to hear His voice more clearly and for discernment to understand His call.  One of my favorite bits of Scripture is Jesus telling Peter to “Feed my sheep.”  This has great meaning for me personally because I believe that I have been called also to help take care of His sheep.  I want to help that poor lost sheep who goes astray find its way back into the flock.  

Who am I?  I am alive.  I am loved.  I am fed by the living bread and refreshed by the living water.  I have been set free indeed by the One who is the Light of the world.

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